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Currently, the 12Tomatoes Shop only sells items which are custom and printed on demand by our partner TeeLaunch. After you complete your order with us, we send your order information to TeeLaunch for custom production and fulfilment. As such, 12Tomatoes Shop customers enjoy the same great service all TeeLaunch customers receive. Since 12Tomatoes is a GreaterGood company, you may still also contact customer service at customerservice@greatergood.com anytime to inquire about your order and we will do our best to assist. Below are questions and answers related to orders, shipping & returns via the TeeLaunch on demand production process.


What is your return policy?

Each order is custom and printed on demand, therefore we do not accept returns unless there is a defect with the product. In the rare event that an order is shipped with a defect, we will offer a replacement if the defect is reported within 30 days.

If there is a defect and you do not want a replacement a refund will be provided. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns in the case where the customer wants a smaller or larger size. If for any reason you are not happy with the size of your garment TeeLaunch will provide a one-time replacement either one size up or one size down from the original order.


How do I report a defect or incorrect size to get a replacement?

In the event that something slips past quality control, our partner TeeLaunch will quickly address the problem as soon as it is brought to their attention. In order to receive a replacement product the customer needs to simply provide TeeLaunch a picture of the product in question and the name on the order and email it to support@12tomatoes.zendesk.com.

What TeeLaunch needs to make a replacement order:
1. Your name and email.
2. Order number.
3. A picture of defective item.
4. Please provide the changes necessary to correct your  order.

Once they receive this TeeLaunch will print a replacement product and send it to your address. If you require additional assistance in this process, please email support@12tomatoes.zendesk.com.


How do I report a defect to get a refund?

If there is a defect with your product and you do not wish to receive a replacement, a refund will be issued. Please email us at support@12tomatoes.zendesk.com and provide:

  1. Your name and email.
    2. Order number.
    3. If possible, a picture of defected item.
    4. A request for a refund rather than replacement.

GreaterGood will then issue a refund to the original credit card used for payment.


How do I cancel an order?

Unfortunately, orders cannot be canceled once the checkout process has been completed and the order is sent to TeeLaunch for custom production. If you have questions or concerns about this, please email support@12tomatoes.zendesk.com.


How do I change an order?

Because your order is custom and printed on demand, once the order has been sent out for production, we are unable to change it. However, there is up to a 24-hour window after your order has been completed on this site, where order changes are possible. We are unable to guarantee that we can change your order.

If your order was placed less than 24 hours ago, and you would like to attempt to make an order change, please email us at support@12tomatoes.zendesk.com. We will do our best to assist you.


What do I do if I do not receive my order?

In the event you do not receive your package, first check the tracking details for your order by going to your order details page. There is a link to that page in your order confirmation email, or you can login to your 12 Tomatoes Shop account and click into your order details from your account page. To view tracking details, click on the UPS tracking number on the order details page, which will open up your tracking details on the UPS website. If your package is marked "Delivered by Local Post Office", then please contact us at support@12tomatoes.zendesk.com and we will issue a resend for you. 


What are your shipping charges?

Domestic Ground Shipping within the United States: $4.95

International Shipping: $12.95


When will I receive my order?
TeeLaunch typically creates and ships your custom product within 5-6 business days. During peak shopping season of mid November to late December, orders may take up to 12 days after being placed to ship.


How does my order ship?
TeeLaunch ships domestically in the US via USPS First Class and Priority Mail. Once shipped, you should receive your order in 2-3 days. International orders use a service called APC and the average shipping time is 8-14 days, depending on the destination country.


Where can I see tracking information for my order?
Even though your order is custom and printed on demand by our 3rd party partner TeeLaunch, there is integrated tracking information. That means both your order confirmation emails and order details on your customer account page at the 12Tomatoes Shop have tracking information for your order once it has been marked “Fulfilled”.

To view your order history, login to your customer account here: https://shop.12tomatoes.com/account.

Any order with a “Fulfillment Status” of “Fulfilled” will have tracking details available. To see the tracking number and link to tracking details, just click on the order ID number, that will open up the respective order detail page. On that page it will list a Fulfillment date along with a tracking ID, which is also a hyperlink to a tracking details page.

Alternatively, your order confirmation emails will also have links to order detail pages where the tracking ID and links to tracking details exist.

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